A Cool exhibit builds a light show from your breathing

August 02, 2015 Art 0

This installation sounds like something cool and different to check out.

The International creative agency B-REEL installation PRANA, uses radar sensors to track your breathing patterns, and using a simple software backend, translates the rhythm of your breathing into a pulsating light show.

A passion project of creative agency B-Reel which normally does digital films and interactive projects for brands.

The idea came from art director Mike Potter’s interest in mediation, and the desire to create a visual extension of ones own lungs. Evocative of light artists like the renowned James Turrell, PRANA asks its viewers to step into a forest of lights hanging from the ceiling and simply breath for a few seconds. A sensor follows theirs movements and its signals are fed into software, which, using free web-based tech like Javascript, Node.js and Python, programs the lights into a corresponding casade.

PRANA is currently on display at the Friendman Gallery on 287 Spring Street in Manhattan until August 7th. In addition to the gallery’s normal hours.













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