what is my relationship with the present moment?

The present moment is “what happens” since what happens changes continuously, it seems that everyday of your life consists of many and many moments in which different things happen. time feels as endless bits of moments that consists in “good and “bad” ones. yet, if you look more closely, there is to say, though your own experience, you will find that there are not many moments at all. you discover that there is only this moment. life is always now. Even past or future moments only exist when you remember or anticipate them, and you do so by thinking about them in this only moment there is : this one. why is that seems that are so many moments then? the space of now is confused with what happens, confused with content. The confusion of the present moment with content gives rise not only to illusion of time, but also the illusion of ego.

Everything seems to be subject to time, yet it all happens in the now. A vital question to ask yourself frequently is: what is my relationship with the present moment? then become aware to find out the answer.

Live, love, laugh <3

Vanessa D’Amore

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