The Art of Curiosity

Just yesterday I have came across this great TED talk about curiosity. I Can relate so much to this stories.

Curiosity is a funny thing. In the classical world, someone who was curious was considered a hazard to society. Think Pandora. Pandora’s given a box by the Greek gods, filled with secret “gifts.” And they tell her, “Never open the box!” Well, duh, of course she’s going to open the box. And when she does out flies all the evils of the world. Only Hope is left inside.

But a culture, a company, a classroom that inhibits curiosity suppresses inquiry. And we know that when no one asks questions, there is no progress. The status quo remains.

Eventually there was a shift in attitudes about curiosity. Guys like Leonardo Da Vinci proto-hippies really, felt free to not only feel curious—but to act on their curiosity. How? They didn’t rely on ancient texts. Da Vinci observed the world for himself. With an open mind. He turned his attention with care to a mind-blowing range of topics from aerodynamics to zoology

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