Take a Moment

May 01, 2020 Nature, Poetry , 0

Put the worries behind.

Take in the beauty around.

Let it relax your mind.

Let the wind breath you in.

Let The scent of flowers seduce your soul.

Watch the golden glow

Of the rising morning sun.

Embrace the peaceful aura

Of the break of dawn.

Savor the soft caress

Of the gently moving breeze.

Listen to its nifty tune

Among the swaying trees.

Feel the lovely scene

Of a floating butterfly.

Graceful flight and happy tweets

Of a bird perched up high.

Dance at the sky

In its dazzling splendor.

The wide and open pallet

Merging shapes and colors.

Relish the loving sight

Of children having fun,

Skipping feet and carefree voices

Under the setting sun.

Spare a still moment

Every once in a while.

Take in the beauty around.

Take it in with a smile.

<3 D’Amore

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