Raise Your Positive Vibration

April 26, 2020 Uncategorized 0

As we are having to adapt with changes in our world, I have being reflecting about our energy field with each other.

I believe each persons happiness can make a profound, positive contribution that can improve the entire human existence.

A big question underlies our existence, whether or not we are aware of it:
What is the meaning of life? I have bought about this, and I would like to share my thoughts on this.

I believe that the aim of life is to be happy. From birth, every human being aspires to happiness and does not want sadness . Social conditions, education, and ideology do not effect these tendencies to our deepest being. That’s why is so important to find out what makes us most happy. According to my own experience , the highest level of inner calm comes from being creative and being close to nature as much as I can “rather I am planing for a shoot, writing,  painting or even just being still in  meditative mornings”

I also found that the more compassion and  concerned we are with the happiness of others, the more we increase our own well being. Friendliness and warmth toward others relax mental tensions and help us to erase fears or insecurity so that we overcome obstacles. That is the ultimate source of successful life.

So I ask you to contemplate what is happiness to you? What does it look like in a perfect world in your eyes? If you had a magic wand in your hands right now what would you manifest? Finding the truth of what makes you feel alive is a very important step to inner calmness lifting your vibrations like a wave of good energy that will help the world to be a better place.



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