Exploring the beautiful possibilities of experiential art

August 03, 2015 Art , 0

Today I am exploring the Art of Jason Hackenwerth, a New York-based artist known for large-scale balloon sculptures. I just recently came across with some of his work and I find it absolutely fantastic.

His work is part of a growing dialogue of artists exploring the possibilities of experiential art. Experiments with latex balloons as an alternative medium has evolved into massive forms akin to painting in the spontaneity with which they manifest yet rooted in the language of sculpture.

Here are some of the sculptures I love from this artist


Vanessa_D'Amore_blog_arts Vanessa_D'Amore_arts_4-10 Vanessa_D'Amore_arts5 Vanessa_Damore_arts6 Vanessa_D'Amore_blog_arts1


“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web”

Pablo Picasso



Vanessa D’Amore



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