Artist Adnate paints a mural inspired by a relationship between Granddaughter and Grandfather.

August 08, 2015 Art , 0

Adnate is an artist that realizes his portraits in spray paint. He has moved past his roots in graffiti, utilizing the medium to carry his realist style into the fine art realm.Heavily influenced by the chiaroscuro of renaissance painters like Caravaggio, Adnate embraces portraiture like the masters of the XXI Century.Elevating graffiti art above the level of letter writing, Adnate’s subject matter and their subsequent status often belies the intent of his portraits.His works are often cropped by evocative slices of vibrant colour, channelling a presence of character, much like a still life uses it’s background as a setting for detail and showing of fine brushstrokes. Adnate’s realism is highlighted by the use of what appears careless, but is frequently calculated blocks of vibrant color.

He just finished working on this beautiful piece which was painted in Arnhem Land, a remote part of Australia at an Australian Indigenous Cultural festival called Garma.

The little girl pictured below is the model that was painted on the left, who is part of the Yolngu Clan. The man on the right is her Grandfather, and the title of the piece is called Mari – Gutharra, which means the special relationship in Yolngu between Granddaughter and Grandfather.





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