16 Things Highly Creative People can relate to

When I was growing up I always had a hard time focusing in school. I was often “day dreaming.” I always felt like an outsider until I came to understand that I was just wired differently then most of my friends. Classrooms don’t seem to be designed for impulsive expression which is a trait of creative people.

Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives. Most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the result of creativity. What makes us different from apes—our language, values, artistic expression, scientific understanding, and technology—is the result of individual ingenuity that was recognized, rewarded, and transmitted through learning. Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quiet and at rest.

Neuroscience confirms that highly creative people think and act different than the average person. Their brains are literally wired in a unique way.

1- They have a mind that never slows down.
The creative mind is a non-stop machine fueled by intense curiosity.

2- They challenge the status quo.
Two questions drive every creative person more than any others: What if? and Why not? They question what everyone else takes at face value.

3- Many creative people love both the arts and science.
There’s a mentality out there that you have to choose between either the arts or the sciences in your studies and career. But studies found that some of the greatest creative minds are polymaths, sharing a love for both.

4- They embrace their genius even if others don’t.
Creative individuals would rather be authentic than popular

5- They have difficulty staying on task.
Highly creative people are energized by taking big mental leaps and starting new things. Existing projects can turn into boring slogs when the promise of something new and exciting grabs their attention.

6- They create in cycles.
Creativity has a rhythm that flows between periods of high, sometimes manic, activity and slow times that can feel like slumps

7- They need time to feed their souls.
Creative people need to frequently renew their source of inspiration and drive. Often, this requires solitude for periods of time.

8- They need space to create.
Having the right environment is essential to peak creativity

9- They focus intensely.
Highly creative people tune the entire world out when they’re focused on work. They cannot multi-task effectively and it can take twenty minutes to re-focus after being interrupted, even if the interruption was only twenty seconds.

10- They feel deeply.
Creativity is about human expression and communicating deeply. It’s impossible to give what you don’t have, and you can only take someone as far as you have gone yourself.

11- They live on the edge of joy and depression.
Because they feel deeply, highly creative people often can quickly shift from joy to sadness or even depression.

12- They think and speak in stories.
Highly creative people, especially artists, know this and weave stories into everything they do. It takes longer for them to explain something, explaining isn’t the point, the experience is.

13- They are deeply intuitive.
Science still fails to explain the How and Why of creativity. Yet, creative individuals know instinctively how to flow in it time and again. They will tell you that it can’t be understood, only experienced firsthand.

14- They have difficulty finishing projects.
The initial stage of the creative process is fast moving and charged with excitement. Often, they will abandon projects that are too familiar in order to experience the initial flow that comes at the beginning.

15- They connect dots better than others.
True creativity, Steve Jobs once said, is little more than connecting the dots. It’s seeing patterns before they become obvious to everyone else.

16- They will never grow up.
Creatives long to see through the eyes of a child and never lose a sense of wonder. For them, life is about mystery, adventure, and growing young. Everything else is simply existing, and not true living.

This are some of the traits I personally relate to 🙂

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” I go wherever creativity takes me. I simply enjoy the journey”



Vanessa D’Amore

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